2020 Room Project Fellowships / Apply

Friends of Room Project,

I'm writing to let you know that we are accepting applications for our Winter 2020 Room Project Fellowships. To my mind, the fellowships are the most important part of what we do at Room: they invite new writers into the project and foreground voices that simply do not receive enough deserved attention.

This year, fellowships will begin in February and include three months of membership, one writing workshop, a final reading for the fellows, and a small honorarium of $200 to help each of our fellows with submission and application fees, materials, books or other writing-related necessities. Fellows will also program one event at Room Project revolving around literature, skill-sharing, criticism or professional development. Apps are due by midnight on Friday,  January 31st. 

+ If you are a woman, non-binary or trans writer of color, please consider applying. Learn more here: bit.ly/winter2020fellow

+ If you have friends in the Detroit area that might benefit from a fellowship, pass this email along to them. 

+ If you don't live in Detroit, if you are a dude, if you are a white woman, please please please please please consider sponsoring an applicant who can't afford membership (it's the New Year and I'm not above begging; such are the 2020 resolutions of small org directors). Many womxn and nonbinary folks will apply for this fellowship who cannot afford to become a member and won't get a fellowship. We want to be able to sponsor folks who want to be here anyway. For $30, $40 or $50 a month, you can make that happen. Fill out the attached form for a monthly deduction OR make a lump 6 month or 1 year donation here (donations made through our fiduciary, Allied Media Projects, are tax deductible).

Sending so much love to all of you. Thanks for doing what you can to support this little project. It's my world, my people, my joy, and I'm lucky I get to share it with you.

– –
Christin Lee