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Vol. 3 | Farmland as Sculpture Park: 53 North | Jim Boyle

Farmland as Sculpture Park53 North/Jim BoyleAmerican Gothic (hygienic dress league remix), 2013 By Dorota and Steve Coy Port Austin, Michigan, USA. Image courtesy of the artists.Farmland as Sculpture Park53 North/Jim …

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Vol. 3 | Externalize, Extract, Co-opt, Repeat | Kate Levy, Shanna Merola, and Halima Cassells

Externalize, Extract, Co-opt, Repeat/Kate Levy, Shanna Merola, and Halima CassellsThere are two main ways a community can be exploited by private industry: externalized costs and wealth extraction. An externalized cost …

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Reading DICTEE in 2018 | Reese Williams

Reading DICTEE in 2018/Reese WilliamsReading DICTEE in 2018/Reese WilliamsTheresa Hak Kyung Cha: Flyer announcing Dictee (Tanam Press), 1981; offset print on paper; 11 x 8 1/2 in.; University of California, …

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Vol. 3 | Sound Works | Christopher Fachini

Christopher Fachini asMicky Chatter The Mental MachineTie a KnotFlamethrowerThirty-Five

Vol. 3 | John Cage: How to Get Started, 1989-

John Cage:How to Get Started, 1989-/Michael Stone-RichardsCurated by the John Cage Trust, Bard College and the Slought Foundation, Performed on the 30th of October Museum of Contemporary Art: Detroit. 2016. …

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Vol. 3 | Sound Works | John Brumit

Jon Brumit Return from the JungleQuintessential UnsequencingPhotosynthetic Drum MachineOtherwise Id Be Amenable To HousetrainingNever You Mind That The Brownfield Looks GreenNational Lead Paint Fumes Appreciation DayMt. Elliott Has 3 SeasonsLow …

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Vol. 3 | Sound Works | Reuben Telushkin

Reuben Telushkin2067Reuben Telushkin’s website

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Vol. 3 | Sound Works | Sterling Toles

Sterling TolesResurget CineribusResurget Cineribus by Sterling TolesSterling Toles on Bandcamp Sterling Toles on Spotify

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Vol. 3 | Sound Works | Sadie Woods

Sadie Woods1967 Detroit Rebellion StudySadie Woods’ website

Vol. 3 | Traffic Chorus | Bridget Frances Quinn

Bridget Frances Quinn Title: Traffic Chorus