Detroit Research is a new journal of practice and artist research for Detroit covering social practice, ceramics, choreography, music, performance, and critical theory. Detroit Research seeks to be a forum for presenting and reflecting upon some of the most challenging post-studio and studio practices emerging in Detroit and to cultivate a critical language for talking about such practices within a national and international framework. Each issue of the journal will have: a guest editor and a featured artist; a presentation on or an interview about an important Metro Detroit art collection; a reflection upon a historically important Detroit journal / space / event; and a work devoted to artist research. Detroit Research will appear in Spring and Fall of each year.


Michael Stone-Richards

3/ Drawing Detroit

Drawing Detroit

Jennifer Junkermeier and Ryan Harte

8/ Jessica Stoller

10/ Susanne Hilberry


Play Time

Kim Harty

Hamtramck Ceramck

Marissa Jezak and Jessica Newberry