Detroit Research
/On Sound

Volume 3

Michael Stone-Richards

Guest Editor
Nicola Kuperus & Adam Lee Miller (aka ADULT.)

Editorial Board
Addie Langford
Biba Bell

Assistant Editors
Marissa Jezak
Jessica Stavridis

McArthur Binion
DNA:Study/(Visual:Ear), 2022
Ink, paint stick and paper on board
72 x 48 inches
182.9 x 121.9 cm
Courtesy the artist and Lehmann Maupin, New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, and London.


On Sound

Michael Stone-Richards

1/ On Sound

Close your Eyes

Juliana Huxtable


John Cage


Michael Gira

The Casting Agent

Pieter Schoolwerth

On Suzy Poling

Sharsten Plenge
Interview July 3, 2018
With Suzy Poling, Adam Lee Miller & Nicola Kuperus

Lun*na Menoh

Tosh Berman

The Aesthetics of Time

Color Change: Experiencing Light as Physical Presence
On Brian Eno

/Dossier on Detroit 1967: Soundings

Sound Works

Sadie Woods
Sterling Toles
Reuben Telushkin

If Not Now, When?

Ish Ishmael

Picturing Us

Jeff Cancelosi

Dinner Music

Amy Kaherl

Further Soundings

Bree Gant
Elysia Vandenbusche
Jon Brumit
Chris Fachini

John Cage: How to Get Started, 1989-

Michael Stone-Richards

The Sound of Detroit

William Bunge

Critical Bunge:

Reviewing history of a radical geographer’s legacy in Detroit
Alex B. Hill

Hand Conversations

Laura Gibson

2 /Social Engagement

Another City

Francesca Berardi

Externalize, Extract, Co-opt, Repeat

Kate Levy, Shanna Merola, and Halima Cassells

Shakespeare in Prison

Frannie Shepherd-Bates

Poems from the Poetry Writing Workshop at Women’s Huron Valley Prison

Drawing Detroit

Alex B. Hill

3 /Artist Research

The Art of Trespassing

Bridget Frances Quinn

Through: the Fold the Shatter

Charisse Pearlina Weston

Kylie Lockwood

Becoming a Sculpture

Addie Langford on the work of Kylie Lockwood

Reading DICTEE in 2018

Reese Williams