Vol. 3 | John Cage: How to Get Started, 1989-

John Cage:How to Get Started, 1989-/Michael Stone-RichardsCurated by Slought and the John Cage Trust.  Recorded live at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) on October 30, 2016. Presented with the Institute for the …

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Vol. 3 | The Art of Trespassing | Bridget Frances Quinn

The Art of TrespassingBRIDGET FRANCES QUINNBridget Frances Quinn Title: Traffic ChorusI first discovered the practice of singing-with-the-world as a grimy kid with a flashlight in a storm drain. It started …

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Vol. 3 | Hand Conversations | Laura Gibson

Hand Conversations (Displacement Detroit Series) from Laura D. Gibson on Vimeo.Laura Gibson Title: Hand ConversationsIn this conversation with Gibson’s mother, the artist explores ways to naturally activate storytelling and reflection. …

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Vol. 3 | Bree Gant | On Spirit

Bree Gant Title: On Spirit Year: 2020

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Vol. 3 | Bree Gant | Core

Bree Gant Title: Core Year: 2019

Vol. 3 | Introducing Robert Irwin and Michael Asher in Art + Pedagogy | Michael Stone-Richards

Introducing Robert Irwin and Michael Asher in Art + Pedagogy / Critical Practice/Michael Stone-Richards

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Vol. 3 | Hommage to Robert Irwin | Michael Stone-Richards

Hommage to Robert Irwin (via Lawrence Weschler) /Michael Stone-Richards A reading of “Teaching,” chapter 10 of Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees