Vol. 2 | terry2day | Hamilton Poe

a photo essay: terry2day

Hamilton Poe
Terry2day is a project initiated by people living in Detroit’s Cass Corridor with the intent of documenting the quotidian post-studio practice of artist/dancer Terrance Williams as he performs on the corner of Selden Street and Second Avenue. The corner in which Terry dances plays a pivotal role in the development of the neighborhood, recently rebranded as “Midtown.” The corner has seen its parks fenced off, streets changed, and boutique stores pop up all around. In the midst of this change Terry continues to dance, subtly perfecting his art form by making public space his studio. With ritual as practice, his methodical consistency becomes art in the face of change.
Feel free to submit your documentation of Terry’s latest moves by Direct Messaging @Terry2day.
Crowdsourced images serve to document both the neighborhood and his meticulous art form as they occur everyday before our eyes. Terry2Day is documented through Instagram under the moniker “Terry2day.”